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Close to the German border, Nijmegen is considered to be the oldest city in the Netherlands – having been given Roman city rights in 98 BC. The Expats in Nijmegen website lists local information sources, social clubs, blogs and service providers to help you make the most of your stay.

Local advice and information
Nijmegen city council
Expats in Gelderland
Arnhem Nijmegen Cool Region

Learning Dutch
Radboud University language school

Rental accommodation

Health Care
Tandarts Nijmegen

Arnhem Nijmegen Chaplaincy

Nursery School facilities

Russian school
Kandinsky College, bilingual stream

Social clubs
Nimeque Accueil
International Contact Nijmegen
Nijmegen English-speaking Expats Group
Nijmegen book club

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The website Expat Nijmegen aims to provide expats with a quick and easy reference guide to local information providers and services which cater to the city’s international residents.

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About Nijmegen

Nijmegen is in the southern province of Gelderland. It has a population of approximately 166,000 people, with 25% of residents originating from non-Dutch ancestry.

A rivalry exists between Nijmegen and Maastricht concerning which city holds the the title of oldest city in the Netherlands. Nijmegen supporters claim that a Roman settlement existed in the area as early as 1st century BC. The city celebrated its 2,000th birthday in the year 2005.

The HAN University of Applied Sciences, Raboud University, and the Max Plank Institute (of Psycholinguistics) are important learning centres attracting many of the 15,000 students living in Nijmegen and a sizeable expat community.

Brief History

Nijmegen was granted Roman city rights in 98 AD. Three hundred years later, the Romans had moved on and the city became part of the Frankish empire. In the following centuries, Nijmegen was invaded and occupied by foreign troops many times, up to and including the German occupation during WWII. It was this final invasion by American troops mistaking Nijmegen for the German city of Klev, that resulted in the major devastation to the city including the death of 750 people.

Things to do and see

With regular train services between larger Dutch cities and Nijmegen, the city is a popular choice for daytrippers. River cruises along the Waal, including some ending in Rotterdam, are in demand during the warmer months. Similarly cycling the rural areas surrounding Nijmegen is enjoyed by both locals and visitors.

Every July, around 45,000 people participate in the Nijmeegse Vierdaagse (4 day walk). This coincides with Zomerfestivaal (Summer festival), basically a 10 day citywide party.

School children and history buffs enjoy the House of History of Nijmegen, and the Bevrijdingsmuseum – both documenting the city’s past.

Expat Nijmegen

Information, in English, about living in Nijmegen can be found on the local government website: http://english.nijmegen.nl/municipality , and from the International Resource Centre for expats living in Gelderland: http://ircforyou.info/irc/

Social opportunities for english speaking families is available through ICON: www.icon-nijmegen.com/

Nijmegen does not have an international school.

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